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    2023 Limited – Paradisoterrestre, Bologna, IT. Curated by Paradisoterrestre.
    During Art City Bologna 2023, as part of ARTEFIERA, Paradisoterrestre gallery in Bologna presented the exhibition Limited; an exhibition entirely dedicated to works of art and design objects in limited edition. The collective exhibition featured exclusive works by renowned artists and designers, including British pop artist Allen Jones, international contemporary artist Paola Pivi and Calori & Maillard. Noteworthy creations from designers Pierre Gonalons and architect Tobia Scarpa were also showcased. The exhibit included limited edition re-editions from surrealist artist Roberto Matta and Kazuhide Takahama. The show also marked a collaboration with conceptual artist Andy Picci, featuring his phygital artwork Confession (sky isn’t the limit). Limited standed as a connection between art and design, representing Paradisoterrestre’s research focus.

    2022 Class of 2022 – CIRCA x Dazed, London, UK. Curated by CIRCA & Dazed.
    The CIRCA x Dazed Class of 2022 global public call-out invited aspiring filmmakers & new media creators to respond to the theme ‘A Future World’ inspired by the CIRCA 2022 manifesto ‘And Now We Build Worlds’ with a two and a half minute film of new or pre-existing moving image work. The 30 selected finalists had their artworks screened on London’s iconic Piccadilly Lights, Berlin, Limes, Kurfürstendamm, Seoul, COEX K-Pop Square and Melbourne, Fed Square each on a dedicated day throughout September 2022 at 20:22 local time.

    2022 The ARTour – HEK, Basel, CH. Curated by Sabine Himmelsbach.
    The ARTour is a journey between the digital and the real world that brings art to life in new and innovative ways. The exhibition includes ten augmented reality artworks that can be discovered in the center of Basel using the free ARTour app. For Roche’s 125th anniversary, ten artists have created digital works on the theme of ‘Celebrate Life’. I created The Cycle of Life; A three-dimensional object that floats in a prominent position above the Rhine. It continuously changes its shape. Some bodies are more or less clearly recognizable, others appear only hinted at, for a cloth hangs over this object, concealing its shape and only now and then revealing what may lie underneath. The cloth itself seems to reflect the sky, like a mirror of the real firmament above. 

    2021 Global Gallery – König Gallery, Berlin, DE. Curated by Johann König & Anika Meier.
    Initiated by König Gallery, the Global Gallery offered up to eleven artists a global stage by turning digital advertising spaces, such as Time Square in New York City, Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, K-POP Square in Seoul, Callao Lights in Madrid and the Sony Center in Berlin into a gallery. Confession (I Dream to Have a Dream) has been my take on what would my dream be, now that such a goal has been achieved. The artwork questions the notion of ambition, destiny and achievement.

    2021 The Edge Effect – Marsèll Paradise, Milano, IT. Curated by Chiara Bardelli-Nonino & Jordan Anderson.
    The artists on display, each in their own way, showcase many variations of contemporary Italian identity. Some do it from an exquisitely biographical point of view, others through a visual dialogue, while others write their stories by way of an exploration of fashion or digital art. All however, through their work, manage to bring to life a new idea of what it means to be Italian: a fluid idea in constant change, distant from hollywood stereotypes or standardizations, creating new dialogue and challenging the idea of tradition.  The future has already happened says one of my pieces on display and it is simply shown to us now.

    2021 NFTism – Unit Covent Garden, London, UK. Curated by Kenny Schatcher.
    In response to the thematic ‘No Fear in Trying’, I conceived a confession made of my recognizable liquid-metal letters floating in the sky. Confession (Failure is Success) states the artwork, which is the only advice I wished I had received.

    2021 AR Biennale – NRW Forum, Düsseldorf, DE. Curated by Alain Bieber.
    For the world first AR Biennale, I sculpted a floating concern: Is This Real ?, which questions our perception of reality. On a philosophical level reality is an ideal to which everyone tends in order to reach a true judgement of facts. Therefore, is this a real artwork? Is virtuality real? What is real?

    2021 The Artist is Online – König Gallery, Berlin, DE. Curated by Johann König & Anika Meier.
    The Artist is Online is a group show initiated by König Gallery, which took place simultaneously in the Berliner gallery as well as in Decentraland’s metaverse. There, I unveiled the digital sculpture Love yourself , which seems to result from an era of self-interest and esteem that is now slowly drifting, allowing a new era of communion and empathy to rise as a rainbow bringing hope after a storm.

    2020 iSolation – OÖ Art, Linz, AT. Curated by Alfred Weidinger & Anika Meier.
    In iSolation, the helplessness experienced during covid lockdown gives rise to numbness and sentimentality. I created images reminiscent of René Magritte and Surrealism, illustrating just how unreal and strange being isolated within our own four walls can be. iSolation was the first virtual solo show commissioned by a museum.

    2020 Link in Bio – MdbK (Museum der Bildenden Künste), Leipzig, DE. Curated by Anika Meier.
    The show presented over 50 works illustrating how the production and reception of art are changing in the age of social media. My installation Let Me Out introduced my digital self locked in a cell-phone. Dressed entirely in black, I am in a white room. I am sitting around, waiting. Cautiously, I asks: “Is anybody here?”. Unable to connect with the physical world, I drop to the floor. “Please!” I cry, “Please, let me out!”

    2020 Loading Festival – Mana Contemporary, Miami, USA
    Loading Festival aimed to be a meeting point between analog and digital language, ancestral culture and new technologies crossed by URL and IRL manifestations that favor connection through the route. In this occasion, my Selfilters were exhibited. These augmented reality interactive works are part of a series of Instagram Filters. With this series, I created a meta-critique about our relation to the selfie, as well as our perception of our self through the digital lease of the screen.

    2019 Futures of Love – Magasins Généraux, Paris, FR. Curated by Anna Labouze & Keimis Henni.
    As Part of the Futures of Love exhibition at Magasin Généraux, the #SingleNotSorry artistic residence showcased the work of Ben Elliot, Johanna Jaskowska & myself. Inspired by the ASMR, my installation Heartbeat questioned new habits and trends of interaction and dating, which nowadays’s intensity can be as strong through a screen than it is in the physical world.

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