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    2020 I-solation – OΓ– Landes Kultur, Linz, AT. Curated by Alfred Weidinger & Anika Meier.

    The solo exhibition I-solation – is it over yet? by the Swiss-Italian artist Andy Picci could be viewed through an augmented reality filter in the social network Instagram on the channel Picci presented six works created during his 40 days of self-isolation, in which he reflects on the impacts isolation can have on people.

    Is it over yet? With this question in mind, the digital visitor moves through a white cube that appears to float in space. There are two paths that lead out of isolation for a short while: the door and the laptop. A bright blue sky holds the promise of long-awaited freedom, which is just a few steps from the door and a couple of clicks away on the laptop. The laptop has been placed on a bath towel in the middle of the room. In times of Corona, a global pandemic of historic proportions, day-to-day life and leisure, pressure and relaxation are closely connected. A hand offers visitors the moon in the truest sense of the word. It is a gesture affirming the desire to make the impossible possible. It is a sign of benevolence and humanity in these dark times. An all-seeing eye floats high above the white cube in the dark of night, tears fall to the ground forming a puddle. In times of Corona, we become more aware of the way others live their lives and what they share about themselves, of how they deal with the crisis and what is on their minds. Emotionally charged moments lead to the currently most pressing question, which is suspended in space as a mounted text: Is it over yet? Make life great again is the response given in the form of a request, which does not even attempt to provide an answer to the question as there simply is no answer.Β 

    In I-solation, the helplessness experienced in these unprecedented circumstances gives rise to numbness and sentimentality. Picci creates images reminiscent of RenΓ© Magritte and Surrealism, illustrating just how unreal and strange being isolated within our own four walls can be.Β 

    This is the first solo exhibition of an artist displayed by a museum using an augmented reality filter. Picci uses the social network Instagram as an artistic medium and employs new technologies to present art in the digital form as a genuine medium in the digital age. He addressed issues of self-expression, digital identity and the economy of attention in social media.

    Text: Anika Meier, 2020

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