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    2021 NFTism: No Fear in Trying – Unit London, London, UK. Curated by Kenny Schachter.

    NFTism: No Fear in Trying demonstrates the ability of NFTs to unlock untapped potential in how we perceive, interact with, and collect digital art.

    In this exhibition, curator, artist, writer and collector Kenny Schachter brought together a diverse group of artists who work in analogue, phygital and digital media, presenting their work side-by-side in the physical gallery space, and simultaneously in a custom-built virtual exhibition space powered by Arium’s groundbreaking metaverse technology. This ‘multiverse’ exhibition experience is reflective of Institut’s core belief of marrying the traditional physical, and progressive, digital environments. 

    The exhibition featured close to 100 international artists, from those minting their very first NFT, like Jake Chapman and Caio Twombly, to recognised Crypto Artists such as Rewind Collective, Olive Allen, Andy Picci and IX Shells. In grouping these artists together, demonstrated the startling accessibility of the NFT art market, and the diversity of the intersectional concepts and aesthetics that currently define NFT and Crypto art. 

    NFTism was on display as a physical exhibition at 40 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, until 25 September; where visitors were able to view multi-sensory NFT artworks via digital screens and projections, and engage with specific works using interactive VR headsets. At the same time, individuals from across the world could experience the exhibition virtually via Arium’s 3D video-chat Metaverse – where they were able to come together to explore the custom-built galleries and interact with artists, collectors, and art lovers from the global community, like never before. By providing borderless access in this way, presented a truly immersive, inclusive, community-centric experience for art enthusiasts worldwide. 

    “It’s a human defense mechanism to reject the unfamiliar without giving it a chance; change is hard to stomach, something that unsettles the status quo. Human nature pushes back at first blush rather than learn about and accept something new for what it is—a potential advance and step forward. NFTs are just such a transformative phenomenon, a potential revolution in the history of art and its dissemination into the collective stream of consciousness, and commerce! This show will attempt to do what no one has done before! FOCUS ON THE ART, art from a wide, diverse universe of talent from all walks of life.” stated curator Kenny Schachter.

    Artists involved: Olive Allen, Gretchen Andrew, Seth Armstrong, LaTurbo Avendon, Steven Baltay, Eva Beresin, Banz & Bowinkel, Ry David Bradley, Marco Brambilla, Tim Brawner, Jeron Braxton, Miss Bugs, Jon Burgerman, Ikaro Cavalcante, Jake Chapman, Gordon Cheung, Philip Colbert, Rewind Collective, Jimmy Connelly, CryptoWiener, Damjanski, Brendan Dawes, Rosemary de Marco, Stine Deja, Chris Drange, Ben Elliot, Extraweg, Lucy Charlesworth Freeman, Shane Fu, Gucci Ghost, Josh Hagler, Auriea Harvey, Teiji Hayama, Andre Hemer, Addie Wagenknecht & Aiala Hernando, Henry Hudson, Lethabo Huma, HUSH, Mil Imeraj, Amy Jacobellis, Keiken, Keiken, Michael John Kelly, Krista Kim, Lans King, Nili Lerner, Betty Leung, Zach Lieberman, Sara Ludy, Jonas Lund, Megan Ellen MacDonald, Miltos Maneta, Malerie Marder., Mauro Martinez, Sarah Meyohas, Devan Mitchem, Jonathan Monaghan, Julia Morrison, Rhea Myers, César Escudero Andaluz & Martin Nadal, David Henry Nobody Jr., NVMERUS, Jeremy Olson, Oseanworld, Taezoo Park, Andy Picci, Casey Reas, Michael Reisch, ROBNESS, Nicole Rugigero, Kenny Schachter, Adrian Schachter, Aaron Scheer, Ix. Shells, Ben Spiers, Michael Staniak, Caspar Stracke, Constance Tevnik, Jacky Tsai, Vermibus, Vhils, Andreas Wannerstedt, Unskilled Worker, Yuma Yanagisawa, Jonathan Yeo, Miao Ying, David Young, John Yuyi.

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