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    2022 Class of 2022 – CIRCA x Dazed, London, UK. Curated by CIRCA & Dazed.

    Back in June 2022, Dazed and the digital arts platform CIRCA put out an open call for rising creatives – from filmmakers, to artists and activists, to performers, poets, and gamers – to have their work showcased on large-scale screens across the globe.

    After receiving more than 1,000 artwork submissions, and watching more than 40 hours of cutting-edge film organised around the theme “A Future World”, CIRCA and Dazed whittled the class down to 30 finalists from around the globe. Each had their artwork exhibited on massive screens across the world, spanning London (Piccadilly Lights), Berlin (Limes, Kurfürstendamm), Seoul (COEX K-Pop Square), and Melbourne (Fed Square).

    The CIRCA x Dazed Class of 2022 included the London and Cairo-based filmmaker Zeina Aref, moving image and performance duo Bhebhe & Davies, Riffy Ahmed, whose film is a short portrait piece about a Japanese Geisha pole-dancer, Omar Al-Nakib, whose work crosses the line between real and virtual worlds, Swiss Canadian artist Daria Blum, artists and game dev Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, self-taught animator Toby Cato, Max Colson, whose work focuses on virtual architecture, text-based video artist Nadia Coppola, Harriet Davey, whose animation explores what it means to be human in a digital world, Nina Davies, who explores dance and popular culture, and Theo Ellison, who presents a tearful monologue delivered by a feral pigeon. 

    Also featured were filmmaker Oliver Elphick, Sandi Hudson-Francis, a self-taught artist who deals with modern-day immigrant culture, Iranian multidisciplinary artist Katayoun Jalilipour, artist and researcher Andrea Khôra, Brazilian director Guilherme Santos, collaborators Laila Majid and Louis Blue Newby, Leah Clements, who presents personal accounts of disability, Stockholm artist-slash-filmmaker April Lin, moving collage artist Mary Martins, poet, filmmaker, and writer Marissa Mireles Hinds.

    Andy Picci, meanwhile, created a dreamlike animation that deconstructs the self and society, joining the Class of 2022 alongside twin brothers Alen and Robi Predanič, Daria Pugachova, Agnes Questionmark, who creates immersive habitats and performances, Spencer Ratanavanh, who researches “the trans body as a glitch”, Yukako Tanaka, who blurs the line between science and fine art, Guillaume Vandame and the late Brody Mace-Hopkins, and animator Sophie Vickers.

    Artists involved: Riffy Ahmed, Omar Al-Nakib, Zeina Aref, Bhebhe & Davies, Daria Blum, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Toby Cato, Max Colson, Nadia Coppola, Harriet Davey, Nina Davies, Theo Ellison, Oliver Elphick, Sandi Hudson-Francis, Katayoun Jalilipour, Andrea Khôra, Guilherme Santos, Laila Majid and Louis Blue Newby, Leah Clements, April Lin, Mary Martins, Marissa Mireles Hinds, Andy Picci, Alen and Robi Predanič, Daria Pugachova, Agnes Questionmark, Spencer Ratanavanh, Yukako Tanaka, Guillaume Vandame & Brody Mace-Hopkins, Sophie Vickers.

    Text: Dazed Digital, 2022

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