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    2023 Limited – Paradisoterrestre, Bologna, IT. Curated by Paradisoterrestre.

    For Art City Bologna, on the occasion of ARTEFIERA, Paradisoterrestre presented an exhibition entirely dedicated to works of art and design objects that fall within this definition in the gallery at via de’ Musei 4 in Bologna.
    Limited was a collective exhibition: from artists who created pieces of design exclusively for Paradisoterrestre, such as renowned British pop artist Allen Jones with Shoe Screen; Paola Pivi with Universe carpet and the Let’em Shine art wall lamps and Calori & Maillard duo with Altabella 23 – Portare acqua al mare, a vase tribute to the historic Gavina shop in Bologna designed by Carlo Scarpa in the 60s; to designers like Pierre Gonalons with the marble console from The Other Side collection and architect Tobia Scarpa who, in 2020, got involved designing his first works of art for Paradisoterrestre, starting from an interpretation of the enigmatic masterpiece Melencolia I, realized by Albrecht DΓΌrer in 1514.

    Also on display were re-editions – all limited edition – such as the functional artworks part of the Ultramobile operation of 1971 Margarita and Sacco Alato by surrealist artist Roberto Matta and Fausto as well as Italian sculptor Novello Finotti or Elmo, the only work in ceramic made in the 1980s by Japanese architect Kazuhide Takahama. Presented in preview was Paradisoterrestre re-edition of the tea set designed by artist and designer Augusto Betti in 1975.
    Another novelty was the collaboration with conceptual artist Andy Picci, whose exhibited phygital artwork Confession (sky isn’t the limit) which was also chosen for the communication of the group show.

    The exhibition was completed by a selection of kinetic and programmed art multiples by Marina Apollonio, Alberto Biasi, Xavier David, Hugo Demarco, Angel Duarte, Edoardo Landi and Manfredo Massironi, united by having been created at Centro Duchamp, an adventure conceived byΒ Dino Gavina and officially inaugurated in San Lazzaro di Savena with the active participation ofΒ Man Ray in 1969, intended to welcome and promote the work of artists and researchers from different disciplines, with the aim of identifying new forms of production and communication of culture and the arts.
    Limited stands in the exhibition program of Paradisoterrestre gallery as one of the feasible trait d’union between art and design, the two realms that characterize its research.

    Artists involved: Marina Apollonio, Augusto Betti, Alberto Biasi, Calori & Maillard, Xavier David, Hugo Demarco, Angel Duarte, Novello Finotti, Pierre Gonalons, Allen Jones, Edoardo Landi, Manfredo Massironi, Roberto Matta, Andy Picci, Paola Pivi, Tobia Scarpa, Kazuhide Takahama.

    Text: Paradisoterretre, 2023

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