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    As part of the Futures of Love cultural season, Tinder and Les Magasins Gรฉnรฉraux hosted an artistic residency called #SingleNotSorry on the theme of celibacy and dating in the digital age. Three artists were invited to produce a work on this theme during the three months of residency.

    Andy Picciโ€™s work presents a smartphone open to the Tinder application, whose interface is hidden behind a vaporous veil. User profiles scroll through the applicationโ€™s iconic ยซswipeยป gesture, which consists of pushing aside – to the left – or retaining – to the right – a profile with a nudge. The sound of this hypnotic gesture, of the finger instinctively tapping the phone screen, is amplified in space to hear the slightest subtleties. It seems to imitate the beating of a heart, whose rhythm would have synchronized with the gesture. Inspired by the ASMR trend, Picci questions the new uses of dating, the intensity of which can now be as strong through a screen as in the real world.

    Text: Anna Labouze & Keimis Henni, 2019

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