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    A three-dimensional object floats in a prominent position above the Rhine. It continuously changes its shape – from a sphere to a square and back. Some bodies are more or less clearly recognizable, others appear only hinted at, for a cloth hangs over this object, concealing its shape and only now and then revealing what may lie underneath. The cloth itself seems to reflect the sky, like a mirror of the real firmament above.
    Picci looks at the effects of digitization on society and our identity in his art. This search for Β«who we areΒ» in the age of social media, in which interpersonal interaction increasingly takes place via clicks and likes, he translates into subtle as well as playful works.

    The Cycle of Life does not simply focus on the individual. The sculpture discusses the change in life itself, reflecting of the various phases of life from birth to death as an incessant, repeating cycle of shapes and bodies that merge into one another. The sculpture reflects the fluidity and vicissitudes of our digital world. It arouses curiosity about deciphering the changing form, but like our own future it remains hidden from our gaze.

    Text: Sabine Himmelsbach.

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