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    Me-mories aim to question a new perception of space-time as a consequence of the virtualization of our world. New functions, brought by digitalisation of our society, lead to new possibilities, resulting into a new understanding of our surrounding. But what is our relation to space and time in a social environment that we can shape according to our desire? How to find our place in its infiniteness? Although virtuality can isolate us physically, it definitely connect us all on a cerebral level. Virtual experiences challenge the boundaries between being alone and being lonely. A new age of hyper-connectivity which allows us to hold any physical activities and to transpose ourselves in another spatial-temporality.

    When thinking about virtual worlds, people might project themselves into new worlds yet to be imagined. I like to think about a new way of experiencing the world we are used to. Indeed, virtual tools allow us to interact differently with our surroundings. But is this surrounding necessarily exterior to our persona? Couldn’t virtual worlds be a visual representation of our inner selves?

    New technologies unveil of a yet to be discovered part of the world we are leaving in: our subconscious. Enhancing our life through virtuality would be the key to rediscover ourselves under a new perspective.

    Me-mories are forgotten memories which are stranded in the infiniteness of my cerebral storage. They are hidden by a textile which only allows us to guess its constantly changing shape, the same way time prevents us from clearly remembering the past.

    Me-mory:00 was exhibited on September 23, 2022 as part of as part of DAZED + CIRCA Class of 2022 on the screens of London (Piccadilly Lights), Berlin (Limes, KurfΓΌrstendamm), Seoul (COEX K-Pop Square), and Melbourne (Fed Square).

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