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    Sculptures is series which aims to bring a new perception of historically known sculptures. It challenges the way we perceive art and our conception of beauty standards at the age of virtual dominance. Indeed, these topics have constantly changing standards which are evolving according to the cultural context of our current society. Therefore, we can assume the way we interpret some monuments of Art History differs for each person and will eventually even change in the eyes of a same viewer years after years.

    By morphing the iconic sculptures into a forever changing shape, I illustrate this evolution of interpretation. The liquid movement represent the fluidity of these interpretations adapting to the sociological frame, while the stone texture refers to the weight of history. Finally, a sky pattern comes as a message of hope, a time-stamp marking the existenceΒ  of the artwork at the present time.

    Sculpture (Victory)Β was exhibited from 8 to 29 of March, 2022 as part of Metaform group show at Ground Effect, Paris.

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