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    Welcome to Cloud 3.0β€”an immersive exploration at the intersection of the virtual and the tangible.
    This project extends the boundaries of traditional artistic engagement into the digital realm. This virtual experience is a contemplative journey delving into the nuances of virtual immersion as a form of meditative introspection.

    Cloud 3.0 unfolds into two distinctive spaces;
    The exhibition segment draws inspiration from the serenity of Zen gardens, creating a tranquil atmosphere for the showcased artworks. Simultaneously, the ‘home’ section invites visitors into the intimate world of my creative process, unveiling works in progress, inspirations, and archives. As a perpetually evolving entity, Cloud 3.0 resonates with my real-world developments, ensuring a dynamic and ever-relevant experience.

    Please, do check-in to get access to an intimate visual representation of my mental space.

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