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    souvenir invites you to take a photo of the sky, which then serves as the background for a postcard. A timestamp is placed over it, which records your presence at this location at a specific time. It questions what it means to be somewhere in a world where we are β€œconnected” through our devices and can therefore β€œbe” anywhere. The picture is therefore not just a souvenir, but a kind of proof of existence. For a long time, the postcard was the most common way of letting our loved ones know that we had been somewhere – so the work also symbolizes a nostalgic look back at communication technologies.

    Text: Sabine Himmelsbach.

    souvenir is exhibited since June 2024 as part of the AR Tour curated by Sabine Himmelbach for Basel Tourismus, Basel, Switzerland.
    You can obtain a free printout of your personalized photo at the Basel Tourist Information.

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