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    Since the effervescence of social networks, our society has been torn between an unconscious desire for exhibition, even voyeurism, and concerns about respect for private information and how it is treated. This leads part of the latter to act in a contradictory way: to publish publicly from the private, in order to seek comfort, while being unable to share those feelings of vivid voice.

    For this series of sky letterings I showcased some confessions unknown people have shared with me via Instagram’s Direct Messages.
    By taking intimate thoughts and publishing them publicly as giant sky messages for everyone to see, I create compassion as well as mental support for the ones in need that often feel like they’re alone in their sadness.

    Confession (I dream to have a dream) was exhibited from October 9 to December 5, 2021 as part of as part of KΓΆnig’s Global Gallery on the screens of Times Square NYC, Shibuya Crossing TYO, Callao Square MAD, K-POP Square SEL, Sony Center BER and further locations across SEL, BERL and NYC.

    Confessions (I am a stranger to myself) and (We should encourage to dream) were exhibited from 11 to 26 of November, 2021 as part of The Edge Effect group show, curated by Chiara Nonino & Jordan Anderson at Marsèll, Milano, Italy.

    Confession (Sky isn’t the limit) was exhibited from January 27 to 8 of April, 2023 as part of Limited group show at Paradisoterrestre, Bologna, Italy.


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