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    Is it all about ourselves on social media and, therefore, is it all about ourselves in life?
    Truth is Fallen (Love Yourself), comes as a continuity to my research about self-construction in opposition to the digitalization of the ego. The liquid texture refers to Bauman’s liquid modernity, while its metallic reflections reminds Narcissus myth.

    The advice Β« love yourself Β» appears as fallen or abandoned, just as a sentence we could drop to a close friend; something we use to say in order to cheer up the ones in need. However, it seems to result from an era of self-interest and esteem that is now slowly drifting, allowing a new era of communion and empathy to rise as a rainbow bringing hope after a storm. Is it possible to love someone if we do not love ourselves? Sometimes it is harder to allow ourselves to be loved, than it is to be loved.

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