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    The Shape of… is a series inspired by cryptology, which allows to visually reinterpret words defining abstracts concepts. Aim of this process is to let the audience emotionally interpret a shape in order to facilitate its comprehension of a philosophical term.
    To do so, I created a spherical cryptography composed by the 26 letters of the alphabet, arranged in circular way on as much axes as letters needed to write the word. Therefore, I obtain shapes which only seems to be abstract, but means the world.

    The liquid texture refers to Bauman’s Liquid Modernity; liquid society ”, a concept for which he opts to replace that of postmodernity.
    The Β«liquid societyΒ» is opposed to the Β«solid societyΒ» where the structures of the common organization are created collectively. Social status, identity or achievement are defined only in terms of individual choices and can vary, fluctuate rapidly according to the demands of flexibility. He defines social relations as more and more intangible in today’s society. He takes the example of love or feeling as a witness to this impalpability of relationships.

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